Fit Spirit Set of 2 Pink Exercise Yoga Blocks – 9″ x 6″ x 3″

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Product Details

Facilitate a wide range of beginner to complex poses with the assistance of Fit Spirit’s foam yoga block; a fine and easily portable accessory for your yoga practice. Fit Spirit’s foam yoga blocks will help you feel the technique and pull of your movements and postures in some of the most popular stances. Find the stability and support you need in this pair of 9x6x3 foam blocks for an affordable and popular choice to add versatility and form to your yoga routine.

Maintenance Details

Your Fit Spirit yoga block is made to transform your daily movement and way of life while improving your physical aesthetic. Just as maintaining your health should be a part of your lifestyle, so should maintaining the products you use to support your health. To continue using your yoga block to the best of its ability, we encourage you to perform simple routine maintenance to keep your block in pristine condition. The positive energy you give to it will channel back to you during your practice.

Keep your block away from direct sunlight and store your block in a dry place. To clean, take a cloth and dampen with water or an organic household cleaner that will not harm the block. Allow your block to air dry or pat it down with a towel.

Remember, the better care you demonstrate towards your yoga block, the longer it will last; which will reduce its carbon footprint and promote sustainability.