LayOPO Yoga Starter Kit – 7 Piece Essentials Beginners Bundle Include Yoga Towel,Yoga Blocks,Yoga Strap,Stretch Band,Yoga Sock,Yoga Head Band,Spring Cable,Purple

Yoga shop towels:
Unique microfiber fabric can absorb the water soon,and keep the mat quick-drying. Non-slip rubber on the back, can fix and will not slip on mat, effectively assisted your stretching and balance yoga movement.

Yoga bricks:
As yoga practice aids, can assist the completion of a variety of special moves, shaping aerobics,improve the body’s flexibility gradually.

Latex stretch band,cotton stretch belt:
Can effectively stretch and exercise muscles, stable posture and control stretch distance effectively,improve physical activity, create the perfect curve of the body. They are best yoga aids.

Chest spring cable:
Can be good exercise for the chest, arm muscles, leg muscles, lose weight fitness equipment.

Yoga socks
Super-breathable, comfortable, breathable, will breathe suit.Ultra anti-slip, 3D stereoscopic silica particles.

Package include:
1 x Yoga Towel
1 x Yoga Blocks
1 x Yoga Strap
1 x Stretch Band
1 x Yoga Sock (random color)
1 x Yoga Head Band (random color)
1 x Spring Cable (random color)

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