Yoga EVO Yoga Mat Bag, Yoga Duffle bag, Yoga Mat Tote Bag, Red Yoga Bag

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What if we told you that with this bag you can have all you need for your practice in one place?
How many times did you forgot something for your practice at home?
How many times did you got home and realized that your mat is wet and smelly?

The good news is that now all this is history. We present you the All In One Yoga Mat Bag.

-Your Yoga mat is well ventilated – your workout mat will stay dry and odorless due to the design of this Duffle Bag with open ends
-Easy adjustable for any mat or foam roller: With the Double Velcro Secure System this mat carrier fits any mat size or thickness, your towel will fit to and you can even carry your foam roller with it
-Your Yoga gear is well protected: The 2 exterior pockets have Foam Protection because your belongings need to be safe!
-Listen your favorite music while on the go: With the Headset Ready Pocket your phone will be safe inside this workout bag without the risk of damaging your Headset cable
-Carry your workout equipment in style: with the big pocket on the inside you can keep your clothes neat and organized (Hanger ready)
-Tailored for you: with the Removable Shoulder Carrying Strap it is your choice how you will carry you equipment to the gym

Order now and you will get:

-Yoga Mat Bag
-Shoulder Strap
-leaflet with access to the Online Yoga Videos (via Password)
Please note: Mat, towel, bottle are not included

Our terms are simple:

If anything happens to the Yoga Mat Bag during the 5 years Warranty we will change it for free.
If, by any reason, you are not loving the strap or the results you have “90 Days Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee”.

If all of this is exactly what you need click “Add to Cart” now before we run out of stock again!